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Brands in India

Discover The Taste of India

Super Premium Beer

To brew a great, refreshing super premium beer is an accomplishment, but to brew one that compliments another thing so well; that’s Cobra.

India is a place of rich heritage and tradition, and that was what we based the original Cobra recipe off of. We took a traditional Indian recipe, using traditional ingredients like rice and maize, and created a beer unlike any other. One whose taste and mouthfeel make it the perfect complement.  Cobra is a mild segment beer with alcoholic strength of 5% V/V.

Superior Strong Beer

King Cobra uses the same quality ingredients that made Cobra Premium so popular. The difference is the process in which we brew it. King Cobra is one of the popular beer brands in strong segment with alcoholic strength of 7.5% V/V. Try it today and see how well it compliments the finest Indian cuisine, a discerning palette, or good friends.

Strong Beer

Iceberg's 9000 Strong was launched in the State of Bihar in 2002. A regional strong beer brand with a strong consumer fan base. Iceberg's 9000 is the beer for the people. Iceberg's 9000 symbolizes the values and embodies the qualities of youth and style; while the dark golden colour speaks to the power of the beer and those who drink it. All of these characteristics become prevalent in just one sip of this unique beer. Look for Iceberg's 9000 Strong in 330ml and 500ml cans will be available by the end of 2012.

Brands in the UK

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